Angel L Villanueva

When in high school I read the lovely poem, Dawn, written by Paul Laurence Dunbar. I loved the wonderful imagery and feelings it evoked, moving me to ink my own thoughts and experiences. I wasn't a prolific writer, but I still penned many poems during those youthful years.

Later, during a move to another home, the notebook containing my poems was lost. I painfully felt the loss. For many years after I held back from writing poems. Not long ago, however, my desire to write was rekindled after reading poetry others had been posting online.

I have always enjoyed writing about relationships, romance, and love. It is a marvelous achievement when couples face all the challenges the world throws at them while continuing strong in their love and commitment. Many of the poems I have penned are derived from personal experience, but not all are autobiographical.

These poems are of both sad and joyous moments experienced in relationships. I hope you will find enjoyment in reading them.

I have included images with the poems. Hopefully they will add to your reading enjoyment.

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