Angel L Villanueva

When in high school I read the lovely poem, Dawn, written by Paul Laurence Dunbar. I loved the wonderful imagery and feelings it evoked, moving me to start inking my own thoughts and emotions.

Years later, during a move to another home, the notebook containing all of my poems was lost. I had penned most of those poems during my teenage years, so the loss was painfully felt. After that I held back from writing. However, in 2005 my desire to write was rekindled after reading the delightful work other poets had been creating.

In the past my poems have been primarily about relationships and marriage, but more recently I have expanded to other subjects.

I prefer simplicity of words in my poetry, though I enjoy works where fancier expressions are skillfully used.

While many of my poems have been written in the first person, it does not mean they are all autobiographical.

Images have been included with the poems. I hope they will add to your reading enjoyment.

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