Angel L Villanueva

In the past, I have occasionally written in free verse, but I'm not a fan of the form. I find its general lack of meter and rhythm unappealing and bland. My preference is for the flow of meter, rhythm and rhyme found in structured, formal poetry.

I employ simplicity of words in my poems, but equally enjoy poetry where more elegant words and expressions are skillfully used.

Since my youth, I have held a firm belief and faith in the creator, Jehovah God. It is this faith in God that has held me together during very trying and challenging times.

Many of the poems I have written reflect this faith; several are displayed on this page. I hope the reader will find the poems to be both encouraging and faith strengthening.

I have included images with the poems. Hopefully they will add to your reading enjoyment.

To read a poem, click on its thumbnail image.

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